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Join Us at Phoenix Fear Con VIII!

Brandalyn Avrea

1st, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to HalloweenCon & to Joseph Abel for a great 1st-time con! Thank you for inviting us to be a vendor!
We had a great time & loved meeting new people & running into some loyal fans.
We didn't get a lot of photos, mainly due to being busy plus one of us is literally shorted handed right now cause she injured herself right before a convention <coughsuzzettecough>. Lol.

We did have the pleasure of meeting Butch Patrick & getting a selfie with the piece he signed. Yay!

We got to meet David Naughton, but someone <coughbrandalyncough> was too star-struck to remember to get a selfie. Lol.

Managed to score some great purchases, but can't show you cause they're Xmas presents. Lol.

Thanks to the other vendors who attended, we got to see some great artwork! Shout outs to Celtic Raven, Moldy Productions, & Little Spooky Studio. There are more we'd love to mention, but a puppy literally ate the business cards we collected.

Overall a great time was had by all & we're excited to see the 2nd HalloweenCon next year!

In less than a week, we're doing it all again! Join us at FearCON VIII at Sun Studios in Tempe, Arizona, October 18th (5 pm to Midnight) & October 19th (11 am to Midnight), 2019.

(Pictures are of Suzzette and Butch Patrick with our Frankenstein's Monster piece)

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